“Everyday life is serious enough, fitness has to be FUN! When you find something active that you enjoy, the sweating, burning, and breathlessness becomes a positive part of your being. You feel more relaxed, have more confidence and energy. I strive to instill the FUN part of exercise in my students, to help you have a better day, quality of life or simply just a great & fun workout!

My workouts are specifically designed to tone your entire body, strengthen your core and improve your posture. I sprinkle in a variety of Pilates and non-traditional Pilates moves, but always stay true to the principles of Pilates.

I don’t believe in working you so hard that you can’t walk the next day, those types of workouts, in my opinion, leads to muscle over use and eventually injuries. I never do workouts like that ever! This doesn’t mean that my workouts are not tough, you’ll still feel the burn and hard work throughout and after class. The difference is that you’ll tone in a safe and intellectual way. The principles you learn in my classes will become part of your subconscious daily life. Your posture will improve and you’ll also start to move with more ease and efficiency.” ~ Hanneke



My Story:

“Pilates with Hanneke started as a little dream to a more balanced life while pursuing a career as a Money Broker in London and New York City. Being on almost every sports team & in every possible ballet class growing up, being chained to a desk was taking a toll on my mind and body’s need to move and shake.

I had discovered Pilates in 2001 at University in South Africa. I was immediately hooked and loved that Pilates worked the same deep intrinsic muscles that ballet did. Over the next eight years I grew addicted to it. I turned to Pilates as a great escape and relaxer for my body and mind whenever hectic London and New York life got a little too much.

In 2009, life handed me the opportunity to become a Pilates instructor in Boston. I took it and have never looked back”



The Pilates with Hanneke brand has since grown and has become a Boston staple. Hanneke was recently announced as a Winner in the BostInno 50 on Fire Awards of 2013. And released her first DVD in 2012, her second and third were released in 2013!  She also has her own YouTube Channel and is an Ambassador for Boston Fitness Magazine , where students can get access to free Pilates with Hanneke workouts. She is an Alumni Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica Prudential Center in Boston. Hanneke also created her own signature PILATES STRENGTH & Pilates HD classes.


Hanneke’s repertoire has greatly benefited from being a Pilates student in South Africa, The United Kingdom and the United States. She continues to further her training and education to bring her own students a fresh and wonderful experience of the Pilates method.
Other Achievements:

Fabletics Master 2014 to date.
Winner of the BostInno 50 on Fire Awards 2013
Ambassador for Boston Fitness Magazine 2013
Ambassador for Lululemon 2012
Voted Runner-up for Boston’s A-list 2012



Internationally Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor 2011 – present
STOTT Barrels Modules 2014
STOTT Essential & Intermediate Chair 2013
STOTT Advanced Mat Course 2012STOTT Injuries and Special Populations Course 2011
STOTT Apprentice Intensive Mat & Reformer 2009 – 2011
Balanced Body University Mat Module One Certification 2010
Power Pilates Pregnancy Workshop 2009

Inspiration and Special Thanks:
I’d like to thank my wonderful husband, Robert Antonelli, for always supporting me. Without him, “Pilates with Hanneke” would have stayed just an idea. My Mom, Dad and brothers for their love and support.

Michael Comperchio &  Scott O’Brien for designing & creating my website. Bruce Lithimane, Leigh Heyman, Kadri Kurgan, Nikki Meyer Photography and Photography by KLC for taking amazing pictures for my website.  Daniël Hugo for creating my logo.

To all my students & friends who join me weekly for classes, Thank You!
An instructor is nothing without students.